Merino Care Information

Why Merino?

Merino wool is a renewable, natural fibre grown on Australian pastures. 

Unlike the scratchy, inferior wools of yesteryear, merino is bred for its very fine fibres, which when spun, produce a garment of softness and ultimate wearability, making it a pleasure to dress in.

Being a natural fibre, it is breathable, meaning it feels gentle on the skin and won’t make the skin clammy like synthetic fabrics.  It is anti-static and drapes beautifully, rather than clinging uncomfortably (and unflatteringly) to the body.

It is also easy to care for, being odour resistant and anti-wrinkle.  The natural elasticity of merino allows the garment to retain its shape after washing, ensuring a product that will stand the test of time.

Care Information

To maintain the superior qualities of your merino wool garment for years to come, it’s important to care for your item.

In summary, caring for your garment is quite simple:

  • cold wash on a gentle cycle
  • use approved wool detergent
  • dry flat in the shade
  • warm iron if needed

If you want a little more information on how to care for your garment, here it is in more detail:

Wash your garment in cold water on a gentle cycle using an approved wool detergent like Ms Brown Wool & Cashmere Wash.  We like to use this one because it's all natural, non-toxic and smells so great.  

Never use hot water as this will shrink your knit, and be wary of the warm cycle on some machines as they can often run too hot.

Rinse the garment well, squeeze out excess water and dry flat to prevent stretching.  You may need to gently stretch your jumper back into shape.  Gently!  Do not tumble dry or your garment will shrink.

Don't dry your garment in direct sunlight, this will scorch the wool.

Creases in the garment will be minimal, this is one of the benefits of merino, however running a warm iron over the item will smooth the fibres for a perfect finish and also help to push it back into shape.  Make sure the iron is set to ‘wool’ or low and don’t apply undue pressure on the garment as this will cause a shiny appearance on the fabric.

Lady Kate uses high quality merino yarn to reduce the incidence of pilling however you may find that with age, garments will still form some pills.  To prevent this, do not use excessive amounts of softener in the wash and wherever possible, try to minimise the garment rubbing during wear. 

The best way to treat pilling is to wash the garment when you notice loose fibres, before they form into pills.  Most of these fibres will break off in the wash.  If the pills are persistent, carefully remove them by hand after drying, or use a lint remover to ensure your garment looks as good as they day you bought it.  

To prevent moths and critters getting into your garment, all Lady Kate knitwear comes with a complimentary garment bag.  Whilst it's not 100% moth proof, it is another line of defence!  We also recommend you keep your cupboard strongly scented using our Lavender 'Wool Bales' and never pack your knitwear away without washing it first.  If you need extra garment bags you can purchase them here: Cotton Garment Bags