Our Story

Growing up on a sheep farm in regional Australia, I fell in love with the feel of Australian merino wool.

Like so many woolgrowers in Australia, it was instilled in us as kids to understand what good quality wool should look and feel like.  We were so proud of the luxury fibre we produced, watching it roll off the sheep's back at shearing time and falling into the soft piles of fleece as we played in the shed.

But going into the high-street stores all we could find was poor quality wool, or even worse, synthetic knitwear designed to be worn for a season then thrown away.  It occurred to me that there was a whole generation of young women who didn't know what good quality merino wool even felt like.

Our knitwear is designed to make you fall in love with Merino wool. Our yarn has been researched and tested using the same skills I was taught on the farm, to ensure softness and durability.  It's machine washable and resistant to pilling because life is too short for high-maintenance clothing!  

Our designs are timeless and classic, because you'll have them for years and years, and all our styles are flattering, because six years of pregnancies, breastfeeding and body changes has taught me that our clothes need to be forgiving.

In short, I design Lady Kate jumpers to make you feel as good as you look.

I run Lady Kate from my home in Narrabri in rural NSW where I live with my husband, three kids and Jock the Jack Russell (who I have to mention because he gets his own page in Country Style photo shoots and is by far the most famous member of the family!)

As a small business owner I love hearing your feedback - good, bad and ugly - and your ideas and suggestions of things you'd like to see from Lady Kate, so please feel free to get in touch with me via penny@ladykate.com.au

I hope you enjoy our collections.