12 Tips to Make Christmas Simple Again

Does anyone else feel like the first two weeks of December are full of Christmas cheer and spirit, and the last two weeks of December descend into panic buying and exhaustion?  Or is that just me?

Every year I get swept up in the Christmas buzz and go waaaay OTT - buying dozens of presents instead of just one good one, hosting Christmas Day breakfast, lunch, dinner, Christmas Eve drinks and a Christmas party for friends and neighbours and cooking the entire Ottolenghi cookbook only to find myself grumbling 'bloody Christmas' by about the 23rd.

This year we're having a quiet Christmas with less presents, a simple tree and a lunch of fool-proof and delicious recipes only with just our little family of four (five, if you include Jock the Jack Russell).  Paring it right back to make the most of the holiday.

To help make your Christmas a little easier too, I'm sharing my tips for pressies, recipes and the like in the hope it will help you spend less time shopping and researching, and more time relaxing and singing carols.


Tips for the Table

The Catering for a Crowd menu from Sophie Hansen's A Basket by the Door is the epitome of easy but delicious Christmas cooking: glazed ham, potato bake and salads (see pic).
Some of you will roll your eyes at me here, but I can't help it, I HAVE to have the big roast lunch at Chistmas, even if it is pushing 40 degrees outside!
I make Jamie Oliver's turkey every year and even though we eat a billion turkey sandwiches for the next month, we still find it delicious!
If crustaceans are more your thing then try the Yabby Tail Blini from Graziher's online Christmas magazine.
Tips for Your Home

I could not love my Doors of Berry Christmas Wreath any more if I tried! (seen in background of image).  It's festive, but in an Aussie-Christmas way not a fake-snow-on-pine-cones-Christmas way.

This article by Interior Designer Jessica Viscarde of Eclectic Creative shows how simple is strong when it comes to setting the table for Christmas.

These Aboriginal Design Baubles are a stunning addition to any tree, and royalties from all sales go back to the artists and their community



Tips for Pressies

For blokes who love camping and outdoors, anything from Odgers & McClelland Exchange Stores Nundle.  

For horse-mad blokes and chicks, beautiful saddlery from Angus Barrett Saddlery.

For ladies, Peggy & Twig earrings (doesn't matter which ones you choose, you can't go wrong here)

For little boys, Stone's Throw Walgett has Schleich Farm packs that tick all the boxes (actually they have gift boxes for EVERYONE if you want to make it super easy).

For little girls, Kennedy the Label dresses will make them feel like a real princess.

For grannies, anything Liberty print from Anna's of Australia (like these goodies from Emporium Lane in Warwick)


And for a Little Aussie Wool Gift...


 xx Penny

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