Behind the scenes with Graziher Magazine

This month in the June/July issue of Graziher Magazine I've been fortunate enough to be featured as a part of the magazine's ‘Women of Wool' issue and I am so honoured to get to share my story in this way. I wanted to share a few behind the scenes snaps of the shoot which was captured by the talented Pip Farquharson who made the whole shoot so enjoyable! The feature was made even more special as it was shot in the place where I grew up which means so much to me!
You can see the feature in full by purchasing a copy of June/July issue of Graziher. I hope you enjoy taking a little peek behind the scenes of this feature with me. 
“When I was growing up we knew what good wool felt and looked like, and understood the passionate quest for better and better product...
But there was this whole disconnect between what we were doing on the farm and when we’d go to buy clothes... If you could find wool at all it was poor quality or blended with synthetics. So the idea (for Lady Kate) kind of brewed for years..."
“Even though I’m not conscious of it at the time, the inspiration for my designs usually comes from my bush heritage and the natural colours I see around me. I’m always going for walks with the beautiful dark-blue Nandewar Ranges in the distance and, in front of that, wide open paddocks of wheat stubble."

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