April: There's Inspiration in Isolation

It's April, and our lives seem to be all about 'isolation'...but that's not a bad thing!
There's a distinctly nautical style to many of the pieces in our AW20 collection, inspired by southern Australian beaches and sleepy fishing villages.  Think sea mist rolling up a river estuary, windswept beaches and sitting on the end of a jetty watching the boats come in at the end of the day.  There's beauty to be found in solitude.
Australia is full of gorgeous little hideaways, like Captains Rest, the Heritage Listed waterfront cottage that's featured in the collage above (photos thanks to Sarah Andrews) alongside our Lady Kate campaign imagery by Clancy Job.  
Isolation is what makes these places beautiful, and distinctive, and inspiring.  So let's be inspired by isolation, not afraid of it.  Here's some more iso-inspo for you...

Slow Down
How many times a year do we say, I wish I had more time for...?

This list of 50 things to do while social distancing is total anxiety-busting, soul-strengthening goodness.  Immerse yourself in a good book, go for long walks, get into the garden, cook a new recipe, play with your kids.  And the clever blogger behind this list, Rebecca Gallop of A Daily Something, is also hosting a series of virtual workshops and weekly 'Live Slow' challenges via Instagram.

Treat Yourself
Have you ever had a better excuse to put your feet up, grab a cuppa and run yourself a nice, hot bath?  See... isolation is THE BEST!  Really spoil yourself by ordering one of the incredibly cute gift boxes from The Farmer's Wife Hampers in WA.  You'll be supporting small business, in a drought, during coronavirus... so you're definitely entitled to put your feet up!

Let's Picnic
These words from Julie Frost of Mrs Frost's Kitchen, could not resonate with us more!  Let's get outside and soak up some Vitamin D with our loved ones - nothing could be better for the soul.  Grab one of these snazzy picnic baskets by Picnic Season and ask your local cafe/caterer if they would prepare a little takeaway feast for you, I'm sure they would be glad of the business.  Or if you're in the Gold Coast Hinterland, ask Julie herself!


There!  Now don't you feel like maybe isolation is not such a bad thing too?

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