Be Our Inspiration this August

How on earth is it the middle of August already?!  Winter is nearly over and here in Narrabri it's 24 degrees and feeling like Spring already.  

As you know, each month I have been talking about what inspires us here at Lady Kate and right now I'm in the process of designing next year's range (once again, a job I should've completed by now!).

My inspiration is 100% fuelled by the view of the Nandewar Ranges from my office window; the dark, smokey blue mountains, khaki gum forests, rust coloured soil and the grey skies overhead.  I'm fascinated by the different tones of grey on a River Red Gum tree trunk and the way chunky, rough textures sit beside smooth, fine textures.  All of these things are being incorporated into the mish-mash of drawings and mood boards for next year's collection.

But what I'd really love is to ask you for inspiration.  What colours and styles do you love?  What things would you change about your jumper and what new things would you like to see?  After all, you are the ones who shop and follow and like Lady Kate, so your opinion is everything to me.

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  • Lisa

    I’ve just received my first order from Lady Kate and wanted to let you know it’s a beautiful jumper. I love hand knits and have knitted many jumpers but being time poor (working full-time etc) I don’t have the time to knit big jumpers anymore so I love finding good quality knitwear. Have you thought about including seed stitch in any of your designs?

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