How to Create Hygge in Your Life

Welcome back Winter, we've missed you...

Winter has begun and life at Lady Kate is all about embracing hygge, the Danish concept of comfort and contentment in life.  Hunkering down with family, creating a warm, cosy house and filling it with delicious, comforting smells from the kitchen - here are 8 ways to create hygge in your home this Winter.

1. Create Atmosphere

The first point of Meik Wiking's Hygge Manifesto is about turning down the lights.  Is there anything better than the glow of a fireplace in winter?  And if you don't have a fireplace, fill your house with candles like these from Quandialla Candle Co, a fantastic bush business near (or kinda near) my home town in rural NSW.


2. Cook to Share

Hygge is about comfort, and it's also about sharing that comfort with loved ones.  
This Lamb & Winter Vege Tray Bake by Lo Corcoran from @los_kitchen ticks all the boxes.  It's ready in just one hour, will feed an army of friends and family and will fill the house with a delicious 'welcome home' aroma.
Lo's Kitchen food blog has over 250 recipes for good, no fuss, country style home cooking, including the recipe for this mouth-watering tray bake



3. Rug Up

If you want to create more hygge in your life you don't just want clothes that look nice.  Hygge is about dressing in clothes that FEEL nice too!  Clothes that have texture, softness, warmth, that provide comfort and completely envelope you like a big snuggly hug.

Obviously I'm biased, but I don't think any fibre can do that as well as Merino wool, and a Cable Knit Roll Neck is probably about as hyggelig as it gets!


4. Savour a Cuppa

I once had my car broken into and rang Mum and Dad in tears.  The first thing my mum asked was whether I was safe, then whether there was somewhere nearby I could get a good cup of tea?

Never underestimate the power of a good cup of tea to comfort, uplift and soothe all at once.  For true hygge, choose a blend that you love and savour the cuppa in a quiet moment in a special tea cup.  The Berry Tea Shop is sure to have something you're looking for.



5. Indulge in Pleasure

The perfect cup of tea is begging for a sweet, spicy accompaniment like this Pear & Ginger Cake from @los_kitchen.  

It's a grown-ups cake, so it's not the same as grabbing a packet of the kids' Tiny Teddies as you're driving around running errands - this is about stopping to take pleasure in a home cooked sweet treat that's just for you.  You can find the recipe on Lo's blog here.


6. Take Shelter

Whether you live alone, with family or with friends, a hygge home is your shelter.

Throw rugs and blankets around the house invite people to sit down, cuddle up and relax.  

As you can see here, in our house the Oversized Cable Knit Scarf is not just a scarf.  It has been used as a scarf, a throw, a pram blanket and a travel wrap, for when you need to take the hygge with you.




We all love the mindless bingeing in front of the telly but there's a reason your parents always called it 'the idiot box'.

If you want to nurture hygge in your life, turn off the telly, put your phone down and open a book.  You'll feel better, you'll sleep better and you'll boost your mental capacity and creativity too.



8. Share Hygge

If you have worked out how to create hygge - a warm, cosy atmosphere in your home and warm, fuzzy feeling in your self - then pass it on.

Give a gift that will warm the toes and the heart, like our Cable Knit Socks.  Warm and cosy, perfect for snuggling and sure to warm the cockles.



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