May: What is it About Wool That Inspires Us?

This month we're inspired by...

It's May and we're inspired by wool.  Ok, ok, well we're always inspired by wool, it's kind of everything we're about!  But this month I want to take a close look a this beautiful fibre, explain the Woolmark and see who else is doing great things with our Australian Merino wool.

So what is it about wool that gets people so hooked that even HRH Prince Charles chose to be the Patron of the Campaign for Wool?  

For starters, it's green - unlike synthetics that are made from petrochemicals, wool is natural, renewable and biodegradable.


It's breathable and a natural insulator, because it can draw moisture away from the body, which is what makes it feel so nice to wear.


Wool is safe - it's fire resistant, sun-safe and research has shown it could even be beneficial for eczema sufferers.


Merino vs Wool

The most confusing thing about wool is that not all garments labelled 'wool' feel the same.  Some wool is great for carpets, insulation or blankets, but it should never be used in next-to-skin clothing, and that's where so many of the negative perceptions of wool come from.  


'Merino' is a breed of sheep that produces soft, fine wool perfect for use in clothing.  This is the breed my family produces, just like the boys in this picture.


So What's with the Woolmark?

Because of the huge variation in types of wool available, the Woolmark was created as a stamp of quality, authenticity and value.  To receive the Woolmark, garments have to pass independent tests to prove:

1. Wool Content (is it as pure as it claims to be)

2. Colourfastness to Light

3. Durability and Strength

4. Wash Testing

5. Colourfastness to Liquid

So it's the simplest way to know that you're buying quality.


So Where Else Can I Buy the Good Stuff?

Our Fave Kids' Woollies

These are the go-to Aussie labels where we buy kids' woollies, year in year out:

1. Snowdrop Merino (boy-proof jumpers)

2. Leroy Mac Designs (beanies that don't itch)

3. Merino Kids (ok they're kiwis, but their sleeping bags are brilliant!)

4. Little Peeps Fleece (the softness is next level)

5. Henry & Grace (single-origin wool from the New England)


Our Fave Wool Blankets

1. Waverley Mills (made in Tassie since 1874)

2. Creswick (and they're on sale!)

3. Jude Australia (gorgeous baby and home blankets)

4. Branberry Baby (Aussie wool, Aussie made)

5. Sarah Jane Bond (heirloom worthy baby blankets)


Our Fave Grown Up Woolies

1. Woolerina (we dress the whole fam here every winter, literally bubs to great-grannies!)

2. Iris & Wool (fab new women's label based in Burra, SA)

3. Smitten Merino (our go-to for jumpers, scarves, wraps, dresses, you name it!)

4. Merino Gold (great value, great quality men's jumpers)

5. Humphrey Law Socks (because your tootsies need wool too!)

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