The Latest Eco-Friendly Craze

I'm going to introduce you to the latest eco-friendly buzz product.  It's a natural fibre, grown using traditional methods by skilled farmers who've been honing their craft for hundreds of years.

It can be used as a replacement for synthetics, which are made from toxic petro-chemicals (fossil fuels) that contribute to microplastic pollution.

It's renewable, sustainable and biodegradable.  And the farmers you're supporting when you buy this buzz product are right here in Australia.

This high-tech product also has the ability for 'thermo-regulation' - essentially reading your body temperature and helping to stabilise it in order to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in Summer.

Add to that moisture wicking and breathability for increased comfort, making it technologically advanced to most other fibres.

Research shows it can improve sleep, helps with eczema in children and has anti-bacterial properties.

Now, I don't know about you, but if I read all these points I'd be thinking, there must be a catch - it must feel like sandpaper to wear.

So what if I told you that actually the best attribute of this eco-friendly buzz product is its wearability?

It's revered by fashion houses in Europe for the way it drapes and falls, so much so that the best fibres produced in Australia are usually snapped up for tailored men's suits in Milan and Saville Row.

And it feels like a dream.  It's incredibly soft and luxurious, cosy and comforting.  When you're wearing the best quality version, you feel like you're wrapped in a big, warm hug.

Of course, it's wool.  Specifically, super fine Merino wool.  Grown on Australian pastures for the last 200 years and right under our noses. Those who know about it can't believe everyone isn't wearing it, and those who don't know about it have probably been put off by the itchy, scratchy image of wool they had as a child.

Let me assure you, you won't find that wool here.  That wool is great for carpets and furnishings, but it should never be made into clothing.

I started Lady Kate to make Australian women passionate advocates for the fibre our Aussie farmers are producing, and I think to do that, my job is pretty simple.  The fibre speaks for itself - it's qualities are second to none, both in terms of its environmental credentials and its wearability.  I am certain that once you try it, you'll see what I mean.

xx Penny

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